Stony Point Lawncare LLC

  • Services Provided

    - Lawn Mowing (Scheduled or one time)
    - Lawn Aeration
    - Lawn Overseeding
    - Lawn Fertilization and Lime
    - Weed Control
    - Property Preservation
    - Hedge Trimming, Bush and Shrub Pruning
    - Mulch and Topsoil
    - Tilling
    Verbal contract, pay per service, cash or check.

  • Capacities:

    - Lawns: 1/8 acre to 8 acre properties
    (One acre = 43560 square feet).
    - Hedge Trimming: most jobs accepted.
    - Mulch: 1 - 12 cubic yards, delivered and spread.
    One cubic yard of mulch is about 5-6 wheel barrow loads.
    (One cu.yard covers roughly the area two cars would take up).
    - Topsoil: 1-6 cubic yards, delivered and spread.
    One cu.yard = 1 ton = = 2,000 pounds.

Stony Point Lawncare
804 9140736


  Fenced-In Areas

Lawn Mowing and Core Aeration:

Areas contained within a fence may need to be visually inspected for reasons of getting the equipment through gates, etc.
  Irrigation Systems
Sprinkler Systems:

For certain services it may be required that sprinklers be staked with marking flags which I provide unless you have your own, I can and do assist in the marking procedure, should damage to sprinklers happen anyhow, I have plenty of those things as well.