Stony Point Lawncare LLC

  • Specifications and Standards:
    Equipment maintenance and usage standards:
    - Blades should be sharpened about every 20 mows or once a season.
    - Once a season inspect and replace if necessary air filter and spark plug.
    - Oil should be changed once a season.

    Seeding and fertilizing:
    - Use only the highest quality grass seed.
      University Certified.
    - Use only slow release granular fertilizer.
      Slow release nitrogen fertilizers are applied once or
      twice a year and will not hurt beneficial soil critters.

  • Recommended:
    - Overseed the lawn every year.
    - Core aerate once / year, in the fall.
    - Consistent maintenance is the key.

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  Around Fences
Defining the edge:

Areas bordered within a fence are generally sprayed with round-up in a concentrated spray to define a crisp, narrow path all along the fence.

Trimming round the edges of your lawn after mowing is the final flourish and will give you a neat, attractive finish.
  Flower and mulch beds
Walkways and driveways:

A straight-shaft weed trimmer is used at a 60-degree angle to create a consistent, beveled edge around these paths.

A fine round line is used for surgical cuts so as to avoid trimming healthy plants in the process.